Leadership team

Craig Patterson: Headteacher

Craig joined Friesland School in September 2005 as a Science teacher, and has subsequently enjoyed a number of roles at Friesland, including Head of Science, Assistant Head and Deputy Head before becoming Headteacher in September 2020.

Having spent his entire teaching career at Friesland School, Craig is incredibly passionate about our students’ success and in supporting the local community to thrive. Craig graduated from St. Andrews University with a Physics degree and completed a PGCE at the University of Nottingham, he has also written and delivered educational leadership programmes in the East Midlands, focusing on both middle and senior leadership.

Craig is a firm believer in the transformative power of education, and the life long impact quality teaching and support can have. His legacy sentence is ‘He inspired others to succeed’.

Claire Mulcahy: Deputy Headteacher

Claire joined Friesland in 2021 as Deputy Headteacher and has relished the opportunity to join a trust and a school that is unashamedly ambitious for its students and communities. She is passionate about curriculum and believes in leading expert teachers to craft amazing opportunities every day in school, building on foundations of powerful knowledge.

Prior to joining Friesland, Claire worked for schools in Derby and Nottingham as Teacher of English and Media Studies, Head of Year, Head of English faculty and Assistant Headteacher. Claire was educated in Ireland and graduated from the University of Galway with a degree in English and Philosophy before moving to the UK and completing a PGCE at the University of Nottingham. She has recently completed her National Professional Qualification for Headship which she found inspiring.

Claire’s motivation is social justice and she has believed since childhood in the might of literacy to satisfy curiosity and empower individuals. Her legacy sentence is “She helped others to believe in the power of education”.

Ben Middleton: Assistant Headteacher

Ben joined Friesland as a History teacher in 2003. After taking his tutor group from Y7 to Y11 he found his passion in pastoral work and has enjoyed a number of roles including Head of Year, Director of Keystage 3 and Head of Centre at Sawley Support Centre.

Having spent the last 20 years teaching at Friesland Ben is proud of the support given to students leading them to be successful in life after Friesland. Ben graduated with a History degree from Nottingham Trent University and then completed a PGCE at Nottingham University.

Ben has high expectations for all students but understands that additional support is sometimes needed for students to thrive. His legacy sentence is ‘He did his best to support all students to be successful’.

Kate Palmer: Assistant Headteacher

Kate joined Friesland School in September 2007 as a teacher of English. She then progressed to become a Head of English, Director of Communications before becoming an Assistant Headteacher, with responsibility for Teaching & Learning, in September 2017.

Prior to joining Friesland, Kate taught English in a Nottingham City school, which was a diverse and inclusive establishment, providing an excellent basis for her teaching career. Kate graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English before completing a PGCE at the University of Nottingham. Kate became an SLE in English in 2017, where she supported a range of schools to improve their English Curriculum and delivery. Since joining the Two Counties Trust, Kate has thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with all of the Trust schools to enhance Teaching and Learning at Friesland School.

Kate feels privileged to work with young people and to have the opportunity to impact positively on their lives. She believes it is our duty to bring our subjects to life in the classroom, enthusing and inspiring those we serve. Her legacy sentence is: “She taught us never to give up.”

Dan Goodall: Assistant Headteacher

Dan joined Friesland School in September 2007 as a teacher of English. He then progressed to become Assistant Head of English, Faculty Leader of English and then Trust Lead for English. Dan joined the senior leadership team in September 2023 as Assistant Headteacher, with responsibility for Deliberate Practice and Instructional Coaching. He is based at Friesland School for three days a week and spends the remaining two days working across The Two Counties Trust with a focus on English and Literacy.

Dan holds a BA(hons) in English Language and Linguistics, in addition to a PGCE, which are both from the University of Sheffield. He is a firm believer in equipping students with all of the knowledge and skills they require to go on to make a positive contribution to the world we share.

Dan’s motivation is one of continual improvement and that we should all strive to be that little bit better, every day. His legacy sentence is: “he inspired me to achieve my dreams”

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Sharon Kenworthy: Assistant Headteacher

Sharon joined Friesland School in September 2023 as an Assistant Headteacher for Attendance and KS4 Attainment.  Sharon is also a member of our Science Team.

Sharon started her career in education working in special education in the North East of England before moving to Derby where she worked at St Giles Special School and Landau Forte College before joining us at Friesland School. Sharon is incredibly passionate about improving the life choices for disadvantaged students and students with SEND.

Sharon strongly believes that any child can succeed with the right support. Her legacy sentence is ‘She supported me to keep improving’.

Jo Lacey: Assistant Headteacher

Jo joined Friesland School in September 1999 as an MFL teacher. Along with her passion for languages, she soon developed a keen interest in the pastoral aspect of education, enjoying a series of pastoral roles before becoming Assistant Headteacher and the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Jo is committed to ensuring that all students feel safe and supported and is passionate about providing students with the tools they need to succeed in school and in the wider community. Jo graduated from the University of Nottingham with a joint honours degree in French and German and also completed a PGCE at the University of Nottingham. Jo has also completed regular training on safeguarding and mental health, becoming the Senior Mental Health Lead for school in recent year.

Jo’s legacy sentence is ‘She always acted with honest and integrity’.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mr Steve Carr

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