Welcome to Friesland School, where our commitment to excellence and values of Ambition, Teamwork, Honesty, and Respect define our vibrant educational community. Our school is proud of its experienced and dedicated staff who deliver challenging lessons, fostering an environment where students can maximise their potential through innovative and inspirational teaching.

At Friesland, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations in our carefully planned curriculum. Knowledge-rich and designed to develop cultural capital, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on literacy. We believe in nurturing confident students who not only acquire key knowledge but also develop the skills necessary for future success.

Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom. The Friesland experience is about creating a supportive and inclusive community, where students become part of the Friesland family. Through engaging arts experiences, sports teams, and clubs, we ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop their talents and skills. As a caring, student-centric school, we provide comprehensive support and guidance, including a high-quality careers programme.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Friesland School and what makes it special. Join us in providing the best possible educational experience for our students.

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