Friesland School is a cashless school and uses ParentPay to accept payments for lunches, trips and more. You are able to make payments using your debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

You will receive a letter when your child joins Friesland with details on how to set up your ParentPay account at Friesland School.

If you do not have internet access, we can provide you with a barcoded letter to enable you to make payment for items via a local PayPoint outlet. A new barcoded letter is required for each payment item. Please contact us to request these.

Support for common issues and queries about using ParentPay can be found on their support portal (link below). If these do not help resolve your query, please contact our finance team for assistance

ParentPay login

ParentPay is a secure online payment service that allows parents and guardians, to make payments to their child’s account, using their debit or credit cards. Payments can include school meals, trips, tickets, resources, sports or music payments –

Any amount of money can be paid into your account, which is saved within the system, until a purchase has been made. The system allows you to monitor balances online, as well to see what food choices your child has made.

ParentPay- Parents Overview

ParentPay- How to activate your account

ParentPay- How to add child to an account