KS4 Options

Help to make informed choices

Students make their GCSE options choices during the late winter and early spring of Y8. Every student is supported through this process, with taster sessions run in February for ‘new’ subjects the students have not experienced during KS3. 

Families are invited into school twice during the process, in both January and March, as part of our goal that every student studies a KS4 curriculum appropriate for them in terms of both their progress and future career or study options. 

We combine the Year 8 Options Evening with Parents Evening so that parents can talk to their child’s teachers about appropriate choices as well as their progress in that subject during Year 8. Where there are new subjects on offer at KS4, staff are present to consult with parents about their detail. 

To meet the needs of all learners, we offer four routes through KS4; each designed around pathways into post 16 education, employment or training 

Option Routes

  • Route A: Students complete a Language AND History/Geography plus two options of their choice (approximately 55% of students) 
  • Route B: Students complete a Language OR History/Geography plus three options of their choice (approximately 35% of students) 
  • Route C: Students study History or Geography, Princes Trust and two options of their choice. During the delivery of Princes Trust across the 3 years students are also given the opportunity to study the I-Media BTEC (approximately 10% of students) 
  • Route D: Students study Princes Trust, Arts Award, Food Studies BTEC and have a Maths/English booster slot. This is a bespoke option route that we run for students with specific need, approximately 1 – 2% of the cohort would follow route D. A Media based vocational qualification is also offered as part of the Princes Trust course. 

Option Subjects 

Most students choose 4 subjects from the following list:
Academic Options: Languages: French, German, Spanish; Humanities: History, Geography, RE; Art (including Textiles); Computing; Drama; Dance, Design and Technology; Engineering; Film Studies; Food Studies; Music; and PE
Vocational options: Business BTEC; Travel & Tourism BTEC; ICT (I-Media); PE BTEC; Music Technology BTEC; Food Technology; and Engineering 

Additional Qualifications

KS4 students also have the opportunity to study GCSE Astronomy, OCR Level 3 Free Standing Maths and LAMDA after school.