Our school day runs from 8:25am to 2:55pm. We are open to our students 32.5 hours per week.

Bells are sounded at the start and end of all lessons, break and lunchtime.

Students should not be on school premises before 8:15am, unless attending the Breakfast Club (8:00am-8:20am) – at which time staff assume responsibility for students on the school site.

Students are expected to be on site by 8.22am to give them time to reach their tutor for 8.25am. Students arriving after 8.22am will be classed as late and issued a late detention.

8:40Period One
9:35Period Two
10:30BREAK & TUCK SHOP FOR Year 10 & Year 11
10:50Period Three
11:45Period Four and LUNCH BREAK Year 7, 12 & 13
12:15Period Four and LUNCH BREAK Year 8 & 9
12:45Period Four and LUNCH BREAK Year 10 & 11
13:15Period Five
14:05Period Six
14:55End of School
15:05Unless attending supervised activities, all students should be off the school premises.

A range of enrichment activities run after school – more information can be found here.