We expect all our students to come to school with the correct uniform and equipment, ready to learn. The following sections provide information on our school uniform, what equipment we expect students to have and our mobile phone rules

Please wear our uniform with pride 

We take great pride in the appearance of our students and in the co-operation of parents on this matter. We feel that this has helped the general discipline and tone of the school. Fashion items are not part of the school uniform; please see below for further guidance. The overriding factor in our choice is that students should wear safe, practical clothing, which reflects a smart, dignified appearance. The school reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student whose uniform does not comply with these requirements. 

The school will be the final arbiter on what is deemed to be acceptable as school uniform. 

All students must be in school uniform from Years 7 – 11 inclusive. 

Blazer and Tie 

Navy blue blazer with school badge 

School tie – clip on 

Not permitted – black blazers 


  •  Plain white with collar 
  •  Plain style 
  •  Buttoned to the collar 
  • Tucked in at the waist 

Not permitted: polo shirts, round collar shirts, fitted fashion shirts 


  •  Black straight leg/boot cut school trousers. 
  •  Black pleated knee length school skirt 

Not permitted 

  • Tight/skinny trousers 
  •  Wearing more than one pair of trousers 
  •  Leggings 
  •  Fashion trousers 
  • Denim 
  • Stretch skirts 
  • Skirts which are too short/tight – skirts must be knee length 
  • Wrap around skirts 

Jumper (optional) 

  •  Plain navy blue v neck jumper 

Not permitted – cardigans, hoodies, black jumpers 


  •  Plain black leather school shoes 
  •  Practical and safe style 

Not permitted: trainers, boots, canvas pumps, shoes with logos 

Socks OR Tights 

  •  Plain black, white or navy 
  •  Plain black or natural 

Not permitted: bright coloured or patterned socks, leggings/footless tights, patterned tights 


  •  One wristwatch 
  •  One pair of small studs (5mm) or small hoop earrings (10mm) 
  •  Hats, gloves, scarfs (optional) – plain navy blue or black 
  •  One flat ring 

Not permitted: 

  • Other piercings 
  •  Nose rings or piercing bars 
  •  Bracelets 
  •  Necklaces
  • Excessive make up 
  • False eyelashes 
  • Nail varnish and long nails 
  • Nail extensions/false nails 


  •  Hairstyles should be of a sensible nature for school – they should not have the effect of drawing attention to the student concerned. 
  •  Long hair to be tied (if desired) discreetly with a navy blue/black accessory 

Not permitted: 

  • Unnatural variations in colour 
  •  Dip dyed hair 
  • Shaved patterns 
  • Additional hair accessories 

Coat (Optional) 

  •  Plain and dark in colour 
  •  To be removed in lessons, registration and assembly 

Not permitted: 

  • Leather jackets 
  •  Denim 
  •  Hoodies 
  • Logos/writing 

PE Equipment 

  •  Navy t-shirt 
  •  Plain black shorts 
  •  Navy socks 
  •  Trainers and 3G football boots 
  • Football boots must have plastic studs or blades – no metal please. Studs/blades can be screw in or moulded. Trainers, astroboots or other footwear not allowed on the 3G pitch for safety reasons 


  • Navy 1/4 zip jumper (optional) 
  • Navy waterproof coat (optional) 
  • Plain black leggings (optional) 
  • Plain black jogging bottoms (optional) 
  • A gum shield is recommended; these are sold through the PE department (optional) 

Uniform Sales 

Our uniform is available from: 

Ties, hats and scarves can be purchased from the School. 

Whilst high street stores have uniform sections please be aware that they do not always comply with our uniform policy as these stores are primarily fashion retailers and not official school wear suppliers. 

Please contact the school if you are unsure of the suitability of any uniform. 

Equipment needed 

  •  Pen (and a spare) 
  •  Pencil (and a spare) 
  •  Ruler 
  •  Eraser 
  •  Sharpener 
  • Coloured pencils 
  •  Pencil case 
  •  Calculator 

These supplies can be purchased in many supermarkets and any good stationery supplier. Some items may also be available to purchase from Student Services 

Mobile phones are not allowed at Friesland School. If your mobile phone is seen or heard at any time – from the moment you come on to the school site in the morning until you leave at the end of the school day – it will be confiscated. 

If you need to contact home, or home needs to contact you, this can be done via Student Services. 

The first time your phone is confiscated, you will be able to collect it at the end of the school day from Student Services. 

The second or subsequent time your phone is confiscated, a parent/guardian will need to come in to school to collect it. 

For more information watch the short video below or read the mobile phone policy in our policies area.