Friesland School has high expectations of our students in terms of their contribution to lessons, work ethic, attitude and behaviour.  The school behaviour policy is designed to allow all students to thrive in a calm, safe and productive learning environment.  The conduct we expect of our students is rooted in our values of Ambition, Teamwork, Honesty and Respect, with policies and procedures applied consistently and fairly by everyone, for the benefit of our whole community. 

Rewards and Sanctions

Good behaviour and active engagement in the lesson is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place.  At Friesland we ensure to always recognise and reward positive learning behaviour; through verbal and written praise alongside use of our ‘Classcharts’ system.  Using ‘Classcharts’ all rewards are relayed home to parents via the app, giving a live link between school and home.  We then use the points on ‘Classcharts’ for other rewards activities and prizes at regular intervals throughout the year.   

Whilst good behaviour is rewarded, poor behaviour must also be sanctioned, as disruption to learning impacts on the progress, and hence futures, of other students.  Where behaviour is not of the standard we expect at Friesland School a range of sanctions are put in place, based on restorative practice and making sure future behaviour improves.  Sanctions in themselves will never be as effective as education around why a certain behaviour was not acceptable, and how to ensure it is not repeated.  As with rewards, sanctions are all recorded on ‘Classcharts’ and hence reported home live during the course of the day.  We believe that when the link between school and home is strong, and communication effective, behavioural issues can be rectified quickly for the benefit of all concerned. 

Our Behaviour Guide can be found on our policies page, click here