It is a tradition at Friesland to mark this important time with a social event and it is with great pleasure, post pandemic, that we were able to host year 13 in our Common Room with a combination of pizza, awards, tutor group games and activities, alongside tributes to this fabulous year group.

Taking a temporary breather from revision, it was great to see year 13 relaxing, laughing and engaging in a range of games and silly challenges. Particularly popular features were the balloon game and the ‘Would I Lie to you’ two truths and one lie game, with students guessing from the many contributions from members of staff.

The event finished will the well established pool (think balls not water) challenge, with a very welcome appearance from our previous Headteacher Mr Monk, who in partnership with Mr Puddy took on the year 13 challengers for their as yet unbeaten crown. On this occasion the students lost 3-1 and it is now down to next year’s cohort to rise to the challenge!

We wish year 13 all the very best with their exams – lessons and revision sessions will continue throughout the exam period and then full celebrations can happen on July 1st at our party and of course on results day!

Thanks as always to our Year 13 tutor team team for their work with year 13 and to Mrs Pitman, Mrs Tideswell and Mrs Carr for always going the extra mile in support of our students.