As part of our willingness to engage with local employers, our Year 13 Computer Science group spent an informative morning at a leading logistics company Microlise, where their skills were put to good use alongside gaining an invaluable insight to the workplace. Microlise particularly value skills developed within Computer Science, including coding and an ability to solve problems and be creative in relation to technology.

“My recent visit to Microlise, a major software development company, gave me the chance to spend time within an industry environment and witness first hand the teamwork and dedication that goes into the development process of a large scale project. The visit also opened my eyes to the amount of work and time that goes into building a successful application and that a project’s success isn’t necessarily down to the final code written by the developers. Instead it is down to the work put in by a whole team of people, each with different roles and responsibilities to ensure that the application is as robust as possible”
Sam D – Year 13 Computer Science student who is applying for Computer Science at university.