Welcome to the A Level PE course at Friesland School. Do you want to improve your knowledge and understanding of the main concepts of sport? Throughout this course, you will learn how elite performers prepare for activities and ensure they are at their peak for performance, both mentally and physically. You will learn about the dietary requirements for different activities and how to improve performance by what you eat. You will also study the psychological processes an athlete may go through to be at their optimum state of arousal before a competition. Finally you will cover how sport and technology have advanced throughout the ages and the role of sport within society. 


70% Theory, assessed through two 2 hour written exams in year 13.- Content covers the following 7 areas 

  1. Applied anatomy and physiology.
  2. Skill acquisition 
  3. Sport and society 
  4. Exercise physiology 
  5. Biomechanical movement 
  6. Sport psychology 
  7. Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport 

30% Non-exam assessment: Practical performance in physical activity and sport. 

Students assessed as a performer or coach in the full sided version of one activity (15%). They also have to produce a piece of coursework on the Analysis of Performance (15%) 

Course Requirements 

Students will need to take part in a sport in their own time, competitively, as either a performer or a coach. You would require a grade 6 in GCSE PE or Merit/Distinction in a vocational course.