Would you like to… study a practical, musical and technical subject? Participate in various exciting recording, composition and musicianship sessions? Study recorded music in a range of different styles and periods? Understand more fully the history of popular music? Then A Level Music Technology could be the perfect choice for you! 


Component 1 – 20%: Recording. Making records can be hugely rewarding for musicians. Learn how to master production tools and techniques to capture, edit, process and mix an audio recording. You will have to plan the recording of five compulsory instruments and two additional instruments. 

Component 2 – 20%: Technology-based composition. The possibilities are endless when creating music using technology. We explore creating, editing, manipulating and structuring sounds to produce a technology-based composition. 

Component 3 – 25%: Listening and analysing. This written examination features questions on unfamiliar commercial recordings, testing your knowledge of: Area of Study 1: Recording and production techniques for both corrective and creative purposes. Area of Study 2: Principles of sound and audio technology Area of Study 3: The development of recording and production technology. 

Component 4 – 35%: Producing and Analysing (Written/practical examination) This module tests your knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques, through questions applied to unfamiliar materials which relate to topics covered in the first two areas of study. 

Course requirements 

We would expect all course applicants to have basic keyboard skills and an interest in performing, composing and listening to music. GCSE/BTEC Music and/or experience reading music/playing an instrument are desirable.