It is vitally important to have a critical understanding of the media as it is all around us and permeates our everyday lives, influencing how we think, behave, see one another and even see ourselves. 

In A Level Media Studies you will study the things you no doubt enjoy – pop music, films, soap operas, action and fantasy television, video games and social networking/the internet. Who says learning can’t be fun? … 

… But have you ever thought about the issues and debates, the contexts and ideologies at play behind these texts and the representations they offer us? If you want to find out more, learn how to deconstruct the media and become a media producer yourself then this is the course for you. 

In studying A Level Media Studies, you will be involved in major projects involving digital, audio visual, moving image production and editing. You will develop the skills so desired by universities and future employers – working constructively and independently, demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively, creatively, imaginatively, and managing your time effectively. 

The Media is one of the largest employers of people in the country. Whether you want to direct film or television, or work in advertising, or represent another specialist subject in news or journalism, this subject could be your route to a successful, high-profile career. 


Induction- At the start of the course you will develop the skills necessary to interpret and analyse the media, getting to grips with media terminology, media issues and debates and theoretical perspectives. 

Coursework- You will learn how to research and plan effectively for your own cross-media production project and then go on to create your own music video, website, advertising campaign etc. based on your choice from a range of set briefs. 

Examinations- For your two A Level exams, you will complete in-depth studies of media industries, including film marketing and distribution, Long Form TV Drama, news, advertising and video games. You will analyse specific examples in depth and create detailed case studies. You will also learn a wide array of terms, explore concepts and media theory which you can then apply in your analyses, discussions and debates. 

Course Requirements 

Grade 5 or above in English will help you to meet the language/analytical demands of this course. You will need the skills and discipline to complete independent study and be prepared to work well as part of a team. 

Links to HE 

The knowledge and skills you develop in A Level Media Studies will benefit your work in other subjects and offer a thorough preparation for learning at university, as well as preparing you for employment or an apprenticeship in the film and media industries, as a direct route from school. 


“I was super pleased with my results and I’m glad it was an absolute blast”