Further Mathematics has become more prominent in recent years with some Universities expect students to have it for studying certain courses like Mathematics, Computer programming and Engineering. The Further Mathematics A level qualification aims to both deepen and broaden students understanding more than A level mathematics. It both builds on from GCSE maths and A level mathematics and is aimed at that those students with a real interest and enjoyment in the subject of mathematics. The course is designed so that students study both further maths and maths alongside one another, and so topics are chosen carefully to allow this most successfully to happen. 


A level Further Mathematics is a 2 year course which is assessed at the end of Year 13 through 4 examinations. 

Two examinations assess the Core content which introduces important areas of Mathematics like complex numbers and matrices, which are fundamental mathematical ideas with wide ranging applications in maths, engineering, physical sciences and computing. The final two examinations assess the optional content, one of these will be Decision Mathematics which is studied in Year 12. This is a very different branch of mathematics that introduces algorithms and graphs (as students have never seen before!!), and is widely used in computer science and logistics. The final examination module will be decided upon during Year 12 as this allows us to tailor the course for Further Maths based upon the abilities of our students. 

Course Requirements 

Grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Mathematics and studying A level Mathematics