Film is widely acknowledged to be the major art form of the 20th century and, today, it continues to be an important part of everybody’s cultural experience. Like literature before it, it is a subject highly worthy of study. 

The course will build upon your own experience of film and encourage you to extend this experience into a wider understanding of film as a global industry with a rich history; develop a deeper understanding of contexts; become critical in your analyses and acquire the skills needed to become a creator of film yourself. 

The course could be your first step towards a career as a film critic, journalist, script writer, cinematographer, director, editor or any other of the numerous roles in the film industry and its related fields. 


Induction- Introduction to Film Concepts, micro aspects and practical skills 

Coursework- You will produce a screenplay and a storyboard. Once planned, you will shoot and edit your own short film (4-5min). 

Examinations- The two examinations will assess your knowledge and understanding of Hollywood, British and global film (world cinema) as well as documentary film and film movements including silent and experimental film. 

Over the two-year study, you will develop your understanding of film context, movement, theory, critical perspectives as well as explore the issues and debates that surround film. 

Course Requirements 

Grade 5 or above in English will help you to meet the language/analytical demands of this course. You will need the skills and discipline to complete independent study and be prepared to work well as part of a team. 

Links to HE 

The knowledge and skills you develop in A Level Film Studies will benefit your work in other subjects and offer a thorough preparation for learning at university, as well as preparing you for employment or an apprenticeship in the film and media industries, as a direct route from school. 

Student Alumni 

“I recently watched Fight Club and it jogged my memory on the many hours we spent analysing that film. This had reminded me how valuable those lessons were to my interest in Film & TV and the substantial effect it carried through to my university years and now my career. I am most grateful for everything you and the Film and Media team taught me.”