A Level Dance is an exciting, engaging course that offers both a practical and theoretical insight into the subject. Students will be required to perform, choreograph and analyse a variety of professional dance works alongside developing their knowledge of the historical development of contemporary dance within the UK and abroad and its key contributors. 

Students at Friesland will be offered many additional enrichment opportunities to develop further their practical and performance skills. The department fully commits to offering opportunities such as the production of the annual dance show, participating and hosting various county and local dance festivals, performing in the Derbyshire County Dance Platform as part of the National U Dance Competition. We also provide workshops at various times throughout the year run by professional dance companies to support the students learning. 


Unit 1 – written paper (50%) 

2 hour written exam covering the following three areas 

  • The development of Ballet Rambert 
  • The development of American Jazz Dance 
  • The study of Rooster by Christopher Bruce 

Unit 2 – practical 

Coursework moderated and examined in April/May 

  • Choreography and performance of a solo in the style of a selected professional artist 
  • Performance in a group 
  • Choreography of a group dance based on the stimuli set by the exam board. 

Course requirements 

A grade 6 or above in GCSE Dance or a good level of experience of dance as part of a dance school/dance company. 

A passion and commitment to dance.