This A level course covers a wide variety of business topics that allow students to learn the theoretical aspects of a range of business functions, how these apply to business case studies, analyse a range of different business situations and evaluate and recommend appropriate courses of action. Students will research and evaluate the impact of current external influences on business, including; the economic environment, competitors, government policy and analyse their impact on business strategy. 


10 units over two years; units 1 – 6 in year 1, units 7 – 10 in year 2 

Unit 1 What is business? – includes: understanding the nature and purpose of business, business ownership, external factors 

Unit 2 Managers, leadership and decision making – includes: what managers do, decision making, decision trees, role of stakeholders 

Unit 3 Decision making to improve marketing performance – includes: marketing objectives, market research, market segmentation, marketing mix 

Unit 4 Decision making to improve operational performance – includes: operational objectives, methods of production, lean production, quality 

Unit 5 Decision making to improve financial performance – includes: financial objectives, break even, cash flow, sources of finance 

Unit 6 Decision making to improve human resource performance – includes: organisational design and human resource flow, improving motivation and engagement, improving employer/employee relations 

Unit 7 Analysing the strategic position of a business – includes: financial ratio analysis, political and legal change, economic change, social and technological change, investment appraisal 

Unit 8 Choosing strategic direction – includes: choosing which markets to compete in, strategic positioning 

Unit 9 Strategic methods – includes: assessing a change in scale, assessing innovation, assessing internationalisation 

Unit 10 Managing strategic change – includes: managing change, managing organisational culture, strategic implementation 

There will be three 2 hour exams at the end of Year 13 covering all 10 units. Students will learn how to apply their knowledge to real life businesses, analyse changes in the business environment and make justified recommendations. 

Course requirements 

Grade 5 in Mathematics 

Links to higher education 

As Business Studies is so diverse, there are many university courses and careers that link to this A level. Some examples are: Law, Accountancy, Sociology, Media, Education, Marketing/Advertising.