This is a vocationally-related course aimed towards developing your skills and understanding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will discover how Science is applied and used in a laboratory setting. You will develop your quantitative laboratory techniques and understand the theory behind the practical techniques such as: calibration, chromatography, calorimetry which are relevant to the chemical and life science industries. You will also learn fundamental topics in biology, chemistry and physics which are assessed via traditional style exams. 


UNIT 1 (90 credits) à Traditional exam taken at the end of Y12 – This unit covers fundamental topics in biology, chemistry and physics such as; cells, atoms and waves. 

UNIT 2 (90 credits) à Assignments Y12 – This is a practical based unit where you complete a series of practicals which are written up and assessed internally. These practicals include, chromatography, colorimetry, calorimetry and titrations. 

UNIT 3 (120 credits) à Traditional exam taken at the end of Y13 – This practical exam assesses your practical skills which you will have built up through the course by completing many investigations. 

UNIT 11 (60 credits) à Genetics and genetic engineering assignments Y13 – This unit is internally assessed. You will learn about modern genetic techniques through independent research and experiments. 

Course Requirements 

Grade 5 in GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy and an enthusiasm to learn Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Links to HE 

Former students have gone on to apprenticeships at companies such as Rolls Royce and Boots working as laboratory technicians. Other students have progressed onto further education courses such as nursing.