Year 13 received a very important and powerful presentation from the Anthony Nolan Trust in relation to ‘save a life’ during PHSE. During this session students learned about the life saving process of bone marrow donation and transplants and the important role of blood and organ donation in general.

Kev reflected upon the fulfilling twenty years that he has had since receiving life saving treatment, which has enabled him to both be a parent and continue with a global career in the music industry. Friesland Sixth Form has a tradition of raising funds for this cause, alongside offering students the opportunity to think about making decisions regarding the possibility of becoming a donor.

Meanwhile year 12 engaged with National Apprenticeship Week through a presentation from Mrs Pitman who explained the range of pathways that are potentially open to students as an alternative to a more traditional degree course once they leave Friesland.

Many congratulations to year 12 student Lucy Jones who made her debut for Birmingham City, coming on as an early replacement for the goalkeeper who had been sent off. Lucy’s first action was to face a penalty and our scouts inform us that she made an impressive first appearance -the first of many we hope!

Year 12 and 13 reports have been distributed with the purpose of supporting students to reflect upon their current position and offering guidance as to what to do to make the most of their talents. As always there is no substitute for hard work alongside a balance of rest and relaxation.

Happy half term from the Sixth Form team.