Pastoral Support at Friesland Sixth Form

All students have regular access to a Tutor, a Head of Year, the Director of Sixth Form and our emotional health team. We pride ourselves on getting to know each individual student so that we can provide support as and when needed. We are very experienced at signposting resources and agencies that can be accessed beyond Friesland. You will meet with your Tutor for individual mentoring meetings and also spend constructive time with your Tutor Group. 

Preparing for life after school

There are many new and exciting challenges once you have left school. Some of you will go to University, others may stay at home but start to live more independently. At Friesland we address these issues in a fun and accessible way. We hold cooking sessions where we look at preparing and cooking simple meals with tips on equipment to take with you and the realities of sharing a kitchen in halls of residence. We also cover healthy eating and shopping for food on a budget. We look at other skills required when living independently such as doing the laundry, keeping things clean and some simple first aid.  

For those students who choose to go straight into employment we offer workshops on applying for apprenticeships/employment as well as inviting speakers to talk to students about life as an apprentice. We also cover what to expect in a workplace environment once you have secured a role.  


Our PSHE program is aimed directly at Sixth formers and issues that they as young adults may face. Topics include staying safe and well, nutrition, body image, mental health, responsibilities, relationships, part time jobs, finance and social media. They are taught in a friendly and open format with discussion being central.