Many thanks to Dr Mandy Hampshire from the University of Nottingham Medical School and a local GP, for speaking to students who have expressed an interest in careers in medicine and other healthcare related professions.

Dr Hampshire gave a real insight into the interpersonal skills and academic qualities that are required in these areas and spoke about the value of work experience, volunteering and part time jobs where communication, responsibility and trust are all essential. Mandy also emphasised that there are a range of virtual work experience opportunities that students can access. Unifrog also provides work experience links and MOOCS, which are free online courses that students can engage with to build their interest, knowledge and understanding.

Students from year 10,11 and 12 asked a range of important questions and one of the central messages was that high GCSE and A Level grades are essential to gain interviews for Medical School, alongside performing strongly in the pre interview admissions tests ( either UKAT or BMAT). However, once at interview, working under time pressure, communication skills and understanding the values of the NHS are fundamental.

Dr Hampshire encouraged students and their families to visit the University of Nottingham on one of the regular Open Days to gain further insight – even if students are thinking beyond the local area.

It was also emphasised that the medical and healthcare sector is looking to recruit a diverse range of employees in terms of gender, ethnicity and age; many employees enter the sector later in life and not straight from school or further education.

Friesland sixth form supports students with applications for a wide range of medical and healthcare courses and in the last decade is proud to know that a number of alumni are doctors, nurses, vets, physiotherapists, midwives and working within other invaluable roles in this vital sector.