As I am sure you are aware the Met Office have updated the weather warning for Monday and Tuesday to a red alert.  As a result of this I have re-visited our hot weather plan and taken the decision, along with DCCT, to cancel the multi-sports elements of the days.  Through this evening and over the weekend we will come up with an alternative plan for the year groups affected.

The trips that we have planned will still run.  The coaches we have booked, at considerable expense, should have air conditioning, but we will check that this evening.

Relevant elements of our hot weather plan:

  • We will ensure that all rooms in use across the two days are as well ventilated as possible
  • Those rooms which are at risk of getting particularly hot will not be used
  • We will encourage students to remain indoors or in the shade at break and lunch, with extra shade provided around the site
  • No football or sports to be played at break or lunch on the 2 days
  • We have purchased and distributed a significant amount of bottled water.  Can all students also bring a bottle with them on the days
  • As already announced, uniform will be different on Mon/Tue with students and staff advised to wear loose fitting, light coloured clothing and a hat where possible.  I know some parents are frustrated that we did not change the uniform sooner, but it has only been 21C today so I did not feel a significant uniform change was necessary prior to Monday 18th
  • Please ensure students have applied suntan lotion prior to coming to school, we will provide access to more in school but encourage students to bring their own
  • Staff have been issued with guidance on signs of heat stroke and will be vigilant across the days

Please also refer to the letter that was emailed home earlier on Friday regarding changes to uniform for Monday and Tuesday

15 July 2022 – Hot weather uniform changes

I will be on e-mail during Sunday afternoon, so if you have any queries or questions contact me and I will get back to you at that point

Craig Patterson