The Art and Design course is designed to stimulate creativity, offering a high degree of choice and the opportunity to work in a range of different media, processes and techniques. We offer the Art, Craft and Design option which allows you to produce work which suits your style and interests and includes fine art, graphic, textile, 3-d design and photographic approaches. As well as helping you to develop your personal interests and style as you complete coursework for the A level, we will support you in putting together a portfolio of work that can be shown to prospective employers or used to help secure a place in higher education. 


For the first two terms of year 12, the focus is very much on experimenting and learning new skills as well as refining your existing ones, through a series of workshops and shorter activities. You will also work in sketchbooks where you can develop your ideas more fully and carry them through to an outcome working in media of your choice. 

From the summer term of year 12 through to the end of January in year 13, you will work on Component 1, your personal investigation, which is a major project based on a theme you have chosen. This includes a written investigation of 1000-3000 words based on your research into artists who inspire your work. Component 1 makes up 60% of your final A level grade. 

Component 2 runs from February through to May in year 13, and is an externally set assignment which culminates in a 15 hour exam during which time you will produce your final outcome (or exam piece). This assignment makes up 40% of you’re a level grade. 

Course Requirements 

You should have a grade 6 or above in Art & Design at GCSE and loads of enthusiasm for the subject. Students sometimes join the course with a GCSE in Textiles or Graphics as an alternative, but you should contact Ms Nash to discuss taking Art & Design before opting. 

Links to HE 

We have an excellent record of students being offered places on degree courses directly from doing their A levels on the strength of their exciting portfolios. Previous students have gone on to study Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration, Animation, Fashion design, Theatre Design and Architecture and Photography in recent years.