How to apply

You can apply to Sixth Form online by clicking the link below. We encourage you to apply early.

Alternatively, you can request a paper application form from the Ms Reason, Sixth Form Administrator – phone 0115 939 7326 option 4 or email


Can I change my mind regarding my subjects once I’ve started lessons?
Yes, we understand that making choices can be complex and we will give you the time and space, within our timetable, to make the right choice for you.

At what point do I have to make a final decision about what I want to study
This is a process which begins with your application, followed by an interview. Then a timetable is created based on the choices selected and finally ends with five option blocks being constructed to meet the wishes of most students.

Would it be worth studying 4 subjects at the beginning, perhaps with the intention of dropping one?
A minority of students study four subjects for two years but most students will study three subjects plus perhaps the Extended Project Qualification in Year 13. We do allow students with suitable grades to start with four subjects and reduce to three if this works best for them.

Do I have to accept my place straight away in order to secure a place?
Our advice is to accept places from further education establishments that you think might be right for you and then make your final decision when you receive your results in August.

When would the option blocks be finalised?
We usually aim to publish our option blocks in May.

Do I have to stay in the 6th form during the day if I don’t have any lessons?
We will treat you as young adults so you are free to leave the site if you don’t have lessons.

Could I request to be in a form with a friend?
Yes you can.

How many lessons do you have per subject per week?
As a rule you would have four hours per subject in year 12 and five hours per subject in year 13. We expect you to match those hours in  independent study across each week to enhance your learning.

What size are classes in the Sixth Form?
This varies but an average class size would be around 12.

I’m not sure what subjects I need to study for the profession I would like to do – can I get some further advice?
Absolutely. Our Director of Sixth Form and Careers Adviser are available for advice.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
No. You can where what you want as long as it doesn’t ‘offend’ anyone else !

What grades do I need to be accepted to Friesland Sixth Form?
Please look carefully at our prospectus and subject details for the answers. The simple answer is that for most level 3 courses you want to achieve 5’s and above.

Can I do private study at Sixth Form when not in lessons?
Yes we have dedicated quiet areas with computer access.

How different from school is Sixth Form?You will be treated as a young adult and be in an environment where everyone wants to be there. We encourage students to work hard and enjoy themselves.

Can I receive financial support to assist me with my studies?Possibly. There is a national bursary scheme which we will provide all the details for.

What do students do after leaving Friesland Sixth Form?
There is a very wide ranging answer to that question but most go on to do whatever they choose to do because their grades are strong enough to put them in a position of choice. For example, all three students who applied for Cambridge last year are currently studying Engineering, Maths and Economics at Cambridge. Other students have secured excellent job opportunities, even at this challenging time, including with a leading local manufacturing company.

If you have any further questions please email Mr Puddy, Director of Sixth Form and Careers Lead –