Remote learning principles

Our aim is to continue to provide high quality, effective teaching to all students, whether in the classroom or remotely. We expect that all lessons will be based on the following principles:

  • Ensure pupils receive clear expectations
  • Support growth in confidence with new material through scaffolded practice – Contain the application of new knowledge or skills
  • Enable students to receive feedback on how to progress

We do not insist on a specific method of delivery, as we believe the above characteristics of good teaching are more important than the medium of delivery. Google Classroom will remain our means of setting lessons and communication, but different types of lesson and education platform will be used within that structure.  

Self-isolating students

  • Teachers to post lessons into the relevant Google Classroom on the day of teaching, so that students can access the lesson from home. Any students without computer access will need to have the work posted home.  
  • Tutors to keep in regular contact, at least weekly, with isolating students to check in and ensure they are appropriately accessing the work  
  • Teachers to set appropriate tasks for students to complete, so that an element of assessment and feedback can take place  

Partial closure

In the event of whole year groups being asked to stay at home:  

  • Teachers will deliver their lessons to students at the allocated time on the timetable, delivering the lesson as ‘live’. Staff and departments will choose the most appropriate method of delivery; slide show (with commentary), Google Meets, Teams or other appropriate methods  
  • The lessons will follow the normal curriculum and will be an hour long (or two for the doubles). Lessons will be recorded and saved so that students with intermittent access to devices can access them at a time available to them  
  • Staff will assess regularly using whatever method works best for them, for example; marking in Google Classroom, assessing photographs or posts of work, interactive quizzes on Kahoot or Google Forms.  
  • Tutors, or another member of staff, will be in touch weekly with their forms, either via Google Classroom, email or phone.  

Full closure

  • The same system as above will operate, but from home rather than school  
  • A full closure brings more challenges for staff around their individual circumstances and family arrangements, we would work collaboratively to ensure that we continue to deliver the full curriculum in each area, to the standard and principles outlined above.