Friesland Mission

To provide our students with opportunities and experiences to enhance their life choices, making a positive contribution to the world we share.

Friesland Intent

Friesland School has a curriculum which embodies our values of Ambition, Teamwork, Honesty and Respect. Our broad and balanced curriculum is ambitious for all learners, everyone has equal access to the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to make an exceptional contribution to society.

At Friesland the curriculum is designed around producing:

  • Respectful, open minded citizens who are prepared to make a contribution to their community
  • Ambitious youngsters who read widely for pleasure and will do so for life
  • Confident, creative individuals with the skills to thrive in the workplace as part of a team
  • Resilient individuals, who have the courage to always give their best and honesty to assess and improve upon their weaknesses

School Principles

  1. The curriculum offered to all students to match and exceed the expectations laid out in the National Curriculum.
  2. Our belief in a knowledge-rich curriculum underpins our long and medium-term planning
  3. The curriculum is structured to build self-discipline, resilience and independent enquiry skills in our students, preparing them to become lifelong learners.
  4. Curriculum planning includes opportunities for low-stakes testing, retrieval practice, and revisiting topics and themes through carefully planned interleaving of topics.
  5. The curriculum will support students’ wider development and build their cultural capital through extra-curricular opportunities and events which develop students social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.
  6. All our students are equipped to make informed choices about their future through explicit PHSE provision.
  7. Literacy is a crucial part of the curriculum at Friesland School
  8. A high-quality careers programme sits at the heart of preparing students for the world of work.
  9. The curriculum ensures that any potential equality issues are mitigated against
  10. High-quality professional development ensures staff have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to deliver the curriculum intent.
  11. The curriculum is reviewed and evaluated annually to ensure it is fit for purpose for different cohorts and a changing educational and employment landscape.

For more information on our school principles please view our full Curriciulum Intent document via the link below

Curriculum Intent 2021-22

At Friesland lessons are taught across 25 hours per week in a two-week timetable. Students study 15 subjects in KS3 (Years 7 and 8) and up to 11 subjects at KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11).

KS3: Number of lessons per week

Maths – 4 

English – 4 

Science – 3 

Languages (French, German and Spanish) – 3 

Humanities (Geography, History and RS) – 3 

Technology – 2 

PE – 2 

Art – 1 

Computer Science – 1 

Drama – 1 

Music – 1  

Students also follow the school PSHE curriculum with their form tutor each week 

English and Maths Catchup

For those students below the expected standard in literacy and numeracy from KS2 we run literacy and numeracy booster sessions to facilitate rapid progress. Students are removed from lessons on a rota basis until they have caught up, at which point they are fully re-integrated into the curriculum. 

To meet the needs of all learners, we offer four routes through KS4; each designed around pathways into post 16 education, employment or training 

KS4: Number of lessons per Fortnight

Maths – 8 

English (English Language and English Literature) – 9 

*Science – 9 or 11 

PE – 4 

Option 1 – 5 

Option 2 – 5 

Option 3 – 5 

Option 4 – 5 

*Science:  Double or Triple Award (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Students apply to study triple science, and are advised on an individual basis on the appropriateness of this route. We encourage identified ‘scientists of the future’ to pursue triple award. Those who choose to study triple science swap one hour of PE per week to gain an hour of Science. 

For more information on the options process, see our Options page.